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On a more positive side . . .

Yesterday, we bought a electric lawn mower. We have a manual push mower, but it doesn't work when the grass gets too long.

We went to six different stores, weighing various options between the cheapest mowers, thinking that we would still use the manual one as the primary as long as the grass didn't get out of control.

In the end, we decided against getting a cheap gas mower, thinking that the maintenance with the gas and the oil would be too much trouble for people that don't know that much about mowers, and got a corded electric one, since the front lawn isn't that big. And sure, the cord would be annoying, but it wouldn't be our primary mower any way.

It was cute to see Y get all excited about using it as soon as we got home, since he's rather 'against' mowing the lawn. Mowing the lawn with a corded mower is a little like vacuuming. And it's really nice to have the fresh-mowed grass smell without the exhaust smell mixed with it, which isn't something that I'm used to.
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